The newest advancements in chairs for pedicures are pipeless. With these chairs, no pipes or pumps are necessary to create the jet flows. Instead, pipeless chairs are equipped with rotating mechanisms that move the water around in the foot basin. Because there are no pipes, there is less chance for bacteria to build up in the system. Pipes supply water to the basin, but it is only fresh water that has not been possibly contaminated with bacteria or other harmful materials.

Cleaning pipeless spa chairs is easy because there are no exit pumps that could contain hazardous materials. Spa chairs with pipes are cleaned thoroughly and periodically according to state regulations so this is a time-consuming and unpleasant task. The new and improved pipeless chairs are becoming the choice of many salon owners because of their comfort, ease of operation and simple maintenance.

Pipeless pedicure spas are clean, quiet and offer high quality hydrotherapy sessions. They give the customer's feet pure enjoyment that can only come from a soothing foot treatment. Pipes, pumps, cleaning rags, special tools, awkward nooks and crannies are not needed with pipeless pedicure spa. Stagnant water that contains harmful and sometimes deadly bacteria is non-existent when a pipeless spa chair is used during a hydrotherapy foot treatment. It is the most sanitary way to give customers the treatment that they deserve and paid for. The chair itself is made for pure relaxation and also have built-in massaging mechanisms that further enhance the customer's day at the spa.

Rejuvene Salon and Spa features The Maiden Spa "pipeless" pedicure spa system which is uses the latest technology available. The plush client chair, footrest and tech stool provide the utmost in comfort and functionality.

Each Maiden Spa Features:
  • Two easy to clean, dual direction GeniJet motors with adjustable air control, placed for maximum massage action on heals and toes.
  • A Plush Leather Client chair features a manual recline, swivel and slide functions.
  • Six motor, three zone vibration massage with heat for lower back.
  • Swing up padded armrests with variable angle adjustments.
  • Six position height adjustable footrest
  • In Spa Color Therapy
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